Ultimate Family Roadtrip

Hi, I’m Mandy. Three years ago I was the PTO president/class-mom working part time as a grantwriter and ghostwriter and raising three young children. Then Joe, my husband lost his job.

We took the opportunity to shift and reframe our lives. Joe landed a great full time remote job within a few weeks and we used his severance check and all of our savings to buy an RV. We lived and worked on the road for almost 2 years and made a lifetime of incredible memories with our family.

Do you have a dream of exploring the country on your own ultimate family roadtrip? Check out the course now!

Waving to Daddy across the mouth of Cinder Cone volcano in Lassen National Park
Ashley of Mama Says Namaste

While we were in on the road in Oregon, we met another full time traveling family. Ashley Logsdon and her husband and three girls were on their way to Winnemucca, Nevada (you’ll get why if you’re a Johnny Cash fan!). Nevada was the final state of the lower 48 that they had visited since hitting the road in 2016. 

Ashley is a marriage and family coach. She’s created an online course to help answer the questions you have about getting on the road – or questions you might not even know you have like some of the stuff we learned the hard way. Ashley can help you make a concrete plan do the ultimate American family road trip – while making sure that everyone in your family thrives while you’re on the road. 

If you’re curious about what living on the road looks like or have a burning desire to take an extended family road trip someday, check out Ashley’s course.

I just took the 90 Day Family Roadtrip online course and got several tips for our next big trip especially about these things:

  • setting expectations for the experience
  • how to plan for extended international travel
  • the value of intentional down days and quiet time between amazing sight seeing trips, hikes, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences
  • the importance of determining roles and responsibilities ahead of time

I wish I knew about the course before we took off in 2017! 

Ashley and her husband, Nathan, talk candidly about finding the right rig, route planning, living in tight places with their three children, budgeting (which if you know me, you know that’s my favorite thing to dissect), and a bunch of FAQs like 

  • What about intimacy?
  • How can we still have fun if it rains during our trip?
  • How is it possible to work from the road?
  • Who needs to do what?

A lot of these things Joe and I figured out on the fly over two years – he eventually settled in as our route planner and driver and handled all things RV while I managed our house in Nashville and did the meal planning and roadschooled the kids – but if you only have a few weeks to travel, you’re going to want to get all the tips and tricks before you take off. Click here to start the 90 Day Family Road Trip course and grab Ashley’s top three secrets to making your ultimate Family Roadtrip happen where everyone thrives!

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