A show of their own – a gift they will treasure

A show of their own – a gift they will treasure

…he LOVES it and so do I! I think we listened to it four times today – he kept saying MORE when it ended! —Emily, mom of happy 2yo customer

Imagine your special child or grandson or niece’s delight as they hear their name in their favorite songs.

Can you see their face light up with joy as they hear me invite them by name to clap and sing along?

Will they wonder how in the world you were able to magically make a show just for them?

Give a gift that the special child in your life will enjoy over and over again.

Your $29 personalized show contains 6-8 songs and I’ll talk directly to your special little one before each song begins! Click here to get started. If you’re interested in learning more, or want more options, more songs, or a package of more than one show, read on….

Your $29 personal show package includes the following:

  • One mp3 with 6-8 songs that you pick from my song list and your little one will love (or you can pick a theme like ‘Dogs’, ‘Space’, ‘Water’, etc.)
  • One personalized electronic cover art image to your little one
  • Personalized messages for your little one at the beginning and end of each song!
  • Printable lyrics to turn singing time into pre-reading time
  • Option to include your own voice in the show

Have questions or ideas? Let’s talk! Click here to contact me.

Mom of Happy 2 and 4 year olds says: Oh my gosh, the boys are so thrilled about their podcasts!!! I’ll have to video their faces when they hear their names!!! Thank you, how special.
I think I’m going to get you to do one for each of my nieces!

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