Away We GO! – Vehicles – Summer Club Activities Sample

Welcome, friend!

Here is your sample of my summer club activities!

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Some suggestions for implementation:

  • Read through the materials list. Most everything is found around your home or can be simply substituted with supplies you have on hand.
  • Pick your own schedule. You could do 1 activity per day, repeating a few favorites and stretch this to 3 weeks. You could do all 13 activities in one week. You could just do 5 of your favorite. Totally up to you. If you want some help figuring out a routine that works for you, please let me know!
  • Don’t stress about following these steps to the letter. Keep in mind – these activities were written for a nanny to execute – someone who is paid to manage children all day. I don’t do all of these activities with my 4yo. I have done some – but several times I’ve set up the activity, played with my daughter for 5-10 min and then walked away and let her explore/create/play with the materials as she chooses. There’s no right or wrong here, so if kiddo is happy and is entertaining herself – GREAT!
  • If you have any questions about how to use this in your home, please contact me!
  • If you are downloading these for a nanny to execute – let me know! I can create custom activities based on your child(ren)’s interests to take the burden of planning off your nanny. I also offer support services for parents and nannies via text and video calls! Find out more here.

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