This Mother’s Day – Support Local Moms

This Mother’s Day – Support Local Moms

If you’re looking for a gift for your mom – or looking for a gift your partner can get YOU this Mother’s Day, check out your local shops. Everyone is hurting in this weird season, so I’m attempting to spend our money in thoughtful ways that support our neighbors and friends.

This list was inspired by the Erica Hester and the rest of the volunteer board of my local MOMS club. We have everything made, sold, or managed by East Nash moms – custom jewelry, quality time with the kids, quality time AWAY from the kids, handmade books, beautiful candles, locally raised plants and produce, watercolor house renderings, a way to support a local mama-to-be, and more. Note: I get no kickback from your shopping and most of these shops are new to me too!

Here are a collection of local moms and their businesses based in East Nashville:

Timber+Lace Essentials

From Vanessa: I can help you pick our something in any price range! Bath bombs, cbd, diffusers, skincare, make up and more! Shop here.

Future Staycation – or a Mom’s Night Off – in this East Nash Gem

From Brittany: Sense the welcoming rustic vibe in this private comfortable apartment, thanks to everything from local wall art to farmhouse chic & vintage decor. Compete outside on the bocce ball court & enjoy the fire pit! Book here.


From Katie:  I make handbound journals, photo albums, and sketchbooks. I have more items available than what’s currently listed in my shop, so if anyone is interested feel free to e-mail me: Etsy shop:

Lucky Collective

From Andi:  I curate and sell travel-inspired textiles: I have handmade Moroccan pillows, blankets, and floor cushions! More can be found here:

Plunder Design

From Crystal: Shout out to my sister in Murfreesboro! She sells very cute and affordable jewelry. From the site: Here at Plunder we have an abiding love for all things savvy and vintage. That’s how our company began!

Brown Fox Collective

Vanessa shares Kristen’s candle company.

Lauren’s Usbourne Books & More

If the kids need a gift for mom, sometimes a book says it best. They could get their favorite bedtime story or something they think mom would enjoy reading with them! Shop here at Lauren’s link.

Intimate Event for Music Lovers at the Music Makers Stage at Delgado Guitars

Maybe plan an amazing party with her favorite songwriter at the new Music Makers Stage? Or grab her a guitar of her own at Julie’s Delgado Guitars.

Infinite Prospects

From Rebecca: Architecture renderings and visualization. I also offer my services for watercolor house drawings.

Malenia Sibley Jewelry

From Malenia: Most of what I’ve done has been commission pieces. I have stones to choose from to make it more personal. At this time there are only 3 pieces finished and available. Shop her style and connect here.

Slocal Foods

From Jami: I sell money plants, aloe, and veggie and herb starts, previously at the East Nashville farmers market but now by porch pick up. Check out her current offerings here.

Mama Shirts at Kate’s Adoption Store

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to help a local friend adopt? Michelle shares: Kate is a local mama-to-be who is selling these great Mama shirts. 50% supports the Martha O’Bryan Center and the rest supports her adoption fundraiser. Check out her shirt collection here.

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