20: With a Meow Meow

20: With a Meow Meow

**To celebrate the release of our 20th episode, we’ve created a free 20 song bonus episode that you can download or stream! Get yours here! https://mailchi.mp/e9e5f9845b7f/20bonusshow**

What has four legs and a long tail… and claws in its paws… and is covered with fur… and has whiskers and pointy ears like triangles? That’s right, it’s a cat! Today’s show is all about our feline friends – cats that say meow and prrrrr. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Song List:

  • Old MacDonald (1:25) – also heard in the 20 song BONUS show! Get yours here!
  • There was a crooked man (4:20)
  • Pussy cat, pussy cat (5:38)
  • Hey, Diddle Diddle (6:26) – also heard in Episode 10: 3… 2… 1… Blast Off!
  • Rhythm Repeat (7:18)
  • Three Little Kittens (8:45) – Featured Sing Along Book of the Show!
  • Down on Grandpa’s Farm (10:41) – also heard in Episode 15: All About Colors!
  • Eeny, meeny, miny, moe (12:34)
  • Two Tigers (13:10)Thank you to Jude and Camilla for singing this in Chinese for us!

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Featured Sing Along Book of the Show: Three Little Kittens, Paul

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