Episode 18: All Aboard

Episode 18: All Aboard

Chugga chugga chugga who whooo! Do you hear it? Here comes a huge train! Let’s imagine we see it coming down the track. There’s the engine and the coal car… and there’s a flat bed car and a hopper car… and there’s a passenger car and the dining car where people eat… and last… oh, here it comes! The caboose! Today we’re going to sing songs all about trains. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Song List

  • Peanut Sat on a Railroad Track (1:30)
  • Engine, Engine Number 9 (2:18)
  • Billy Grogan’s Goat (3:05) – Featured Sing Along Book of the Show!
  • Rhythm Repeat (4:50)
  • Down by the Station (7:04)
  • Little Red Caboose (7:30)
  • I’ve been Working on the Railroad (8:08)

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Featured Sing Along Book of the ShowBill Grogan’s Goat, adapted by Mary Ann Hoberman

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