BONUS PLAYLIST: Emma’s Favorites

BONUS PLAYLIST: Emma’s Favorites

This BONUS PLAYLIST is especially for the older sibs, though all of your children will enjoy singing along! For Franklin’s Favs, click here!

My niece, Emma, age 10, wants to share some of her favorite songs – but I don’t own the rights to them so we can’t record them ourselves for you. So, we’ve put together a YouTube playlist (click here or see below)! You can also listen on Spotify (search for “Emma’s Favorites” from Mandy Wallace or click here!)! The best thing about the Spotify playlist is that it suggests other songs – so you can turn a road trip into a whole-family interactive music sampling and exposure session!

About the Curator: Emma is 10 and loves to go the pool and visit her grandmother. She lives in Alabama and we were so glad she came to visit us this summer!

Song list:

  • Let It Go, Frozen
  • Sixteen Going on Seventeen, The Sound of Music
  • Spoonful of Sugar, Mary Poppins
  • Me Without You, Toby Mac

DISCLAIMER: Please make sure to watch YouTube WITH your kids. I’ve checked the videos on our playlist but I can’t control the ads or the suggested videos, so I can’t guarantee that they are appropriate for all ages.

Emma’s Favorites: a playlist!

Want to request a song or theme for a future episode?

There are four ways your child(ren) can be part of the show!

  1. Create a song list for a future episode of your child(ren)’s favorite songs. I featured my 3 yo daughter, Valerie, by launching the podcast with her favorite sing along songs (check out Episode 1: Valerie’s Favorites here!).
  2. Suggest a theme or song for a future episode. My oldest son, Cooper, picked the weather theme for his episode. He also curated the song list and then helped me record Episode 11: Wetter Weather (check it out here!). (If we’re in the same town, we might be able to set that up too!)
  3. Sing along – and record it! Submit an audio or video recording of your child singing their favorite song that they’ve heard on the show! Example: our friend, 3yo Savannah, heard my recording of Rock-a-Bye Baby in Episode 3: Lullabies and sent me a video of her singing it and rocking her baby to sleep! With her and her mom’s permission, I included the audio in Episodes 7 & 8: Ready, Set, Action!
  4. Record with me! I love to sing with friends. Contact me to join a recording session for a future episode like Cooper did in his weather episode and Emma did for Episode 16: Dogs!

Three ways to contact me:

  1. Follow the Sing Along with Mandy Podcast facebook page:
  2. Find me on Instagram and send me a DM!
  3. Email me through this website, Now Take Off!:

Get a SHOUT OUT for your child in a future show!

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