Featured Sing Along Books

Featured Sing Along Books

The Featured Sing Along Books from the show!

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Episode 18: All Aboard! Bill Grogan’s Goat, illustrated by Mary Ann Hoberman

Episode 17: Ready, Set, Action: Active Songs, vol 2: Looby Loo – illustrated by Laura Freeman

Episode 16: Give a Dog a Bone: This Old Man illustrated by Pam Adams

Episode 15: All the Colors: Five Green and Speckled Frogs – illustrated by Nikki Smith

Episode 14: Don’t Wake the Baby! All the Pretty Little Horses – illustrated by Linda Saport

Episode 13: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers: Five Little Ducks – illustrated by Ivan Bates

Episode 12: That’s what I learned in my School: Five Little Monkeys – illustrated by Eileen Fisher

Episode 11: Wetter Weather with Cooper & Episodes 7 & 8: Ready, Set, Action!: Itsy Bitsy Spider – illustrated by Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley

Episode 10: 3… 2… 1… Blast Off!: Illustrated Treasury of Nursery Rhymes – illustrated by Miles Kelly

Episode 9: Four Legged Friends: The Farmer in the Dell – illustrated by John O’Brien

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