What you need for tiny living or #RVLife: Food Prep

Downsizing for your Great American Adventure? This post is part of a Creature Comforts series with appliances we found essential to living comfortably in an 36′ motorhome.

Food Prep

When we had access to electricity, these are the three appliances (+1 people swear by) that we used the most in the kitchen.


This was one of the first items I grabbed from the house on a trip back through Nashville. We can boil water on the stove when needed, but it’s so so nice to just turn on the pretty kettle and let it do it’s job. I love these beautiful Bella kettles!


A new appliance for us! We had a stick blender but after several years of (mis)use, the blades were bent and smoothies were more like think sludge with greens for texture. We got ourselves a Ninja while home for the holidays and have used it every morning since.

Electric whisk

This was a present I got for myself this year. I use it to add coconut oil to my morning coffee and whip milk for hot chocolate for the kids. This is the one I got and I love it!

Slow cooker / Instapot

RVers swear by the Instapot, but I haven’t quite adopted it into my routine. Do you use one? We have a slow cooker but honestly I don’t feel great about leaving it to cook while we’re out for the day. Totally unfounded fear, but I have images of coming back to the RV and seeing it on fire from an electric short or spark or catastrophe!

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