What you need for tiny living or #RVLife: Climate Control

Downsizing for your Great American Adventure? This post is part of a Creature Comforts series with appliances we found essential to living comfortably in an 36′ motorhome.

Climate Control

When we had access to electricity, these are the three appliances that we used the most to keep ourselves comfortable.


This was the first big appliance we bought when we had money to spend. We noticed that the front dash would be covered in condensation in the morning and it, in turn, would make the curtains wet. Our bedding and clothes would have a slightly damp feeling when near the coast or in a humid place. The dehumidifier solves this problem (and we sorely miss it the weeks we’re boondocking near a beach! Soggy jeans = yuck.).

Space heater

Ours was in the closet of the RV when we bought it, but we didn’t think to use it at first. It was summer, so there was no need, but even when it turned cold, we cranked up the propane heater until a few weeks in when we realized that we were paying for electricity with our site – we might as use the electric heater and keep from burning the propane! We’ve been using the stew out of it (especially at night) so when it inevitably dies, we’re going big and replacing it with a Dyson heater/AC.

Box fan (?)

We brought one with us, thinking that it would be helpful to keep it cool in the RV, and we used it the first night when we unknowingly filled our grey tank and flooded the kitchen (long story, post is here). But, we mostly found the box fan to be big and bulky and in the way, so it’s been in the bays for the past year or so.

This is part of a post that was originally published 2/13/19 and you can read it in its entirety here.

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