How to exercise on the road – no equipment and (mostly) free workouts – Boondocking

How to exercise on the road – no equipment and (mostly) free workouts – Boondocking

// This is an excerpt from a post originally published on RV Miles on Mar 4, 2019. You can read the full article here! // This workout series has 4 parts: ideas for full hook ups, partial hook ups, boondocking, and my weekly routine regardless of where in the world we are! //

Please note that I’m not a fitness expert—just a lady who wants to be able to run with her kids, hike to the top of a relatively short volcano, and swim in any body of water we happen to be near (and maybe have some fantastically toned arms if we’re being honest). Make sure to consult with your personal doctor before embarking on any fitness plans!


Every once and awhile we plan a week with little or no internet access and have a hard time with solar panels (like in a forest setting!) so draining my phone batteries for a workout isn’t possible. On these occasions, I fall back on some favorite workouts:


See the three runs previously outlined. Instead of relying on the app on my phone, I use a sports watch with a minute timer to run/walk.

After a run in the Ventura, CA sun

Full body 7-minute workout

A few years ago the New York Times came out with the most scientifically efficient 7 minute workout. Do it a few times and you’ll have it memorized! 

Run + 7-minute workout

Sometimes I’ll combine running intervals with the NYT 7-minute workout intervals – so I’ll run for 1 minute, then do 45 seconds of a wall sit (using a telephone pole, tree, or bathhouse!), then run for 1 minute and then do 45 seconds of push-ups, etc. 

Pinterest screen grabs

I’ve got a folder of equipment free workouts from Pinterest saved on my phone. I’ll copy them on an index card or post-it note and then grab one and go! Here are some of my favorites.

Up next… my weekly workout routine! Or, you can always read the full, original article at RV Miles where I’m a contributing writer Road Warrior!

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