4 days til launch! Why I podcast: it’s the perfect medium for my life

4 days til launch! Why I podcast: it’s the perfect medium for my life

** This post is part of a 10 day til Launch countdown exploring why I created the Sing Along with Mandy Podcast! You can read the rest here: 10987654321, LAUNCH! **

I am really excited about being able to produce my own podcast. I told you in the last post that I toyed with the idea of hosting a musical hour in my home, but ran into issues that seemed tough: insurance? attendance? being dependable and able to commit to hosting at the same time, same place every week?

Podcasting is a great medium for me because I can do it anywhere. We lived in an RV for 22 months and recently ended our trip, but we have no plans to quit traveling. My husband’s job is remote, so as long as that is going well, were’ hoping to transform our roadschool into worldschool with a couple of trip next year. As long as I have my laptop and an internet connection, I can create a podcast.

Also, I like how podcasts can be constructed like TV – with or episodes as part of a larger season. I have the Anglo-Saxon traditional children’s songs pretty well locked down, so I’m excited to use that knowledge this season while I learn how to podcast and then branch out with guests in the future. Don’t hold me to it, but this is my general 5 season plan:

  1. Themes (like Water, Food, Holidays, etc) and Fan Favorites (like Episode 1: Valerie’s favs)
  2. Phonemes and Fan Favs
  3. Instruments
  4. Children’s songs from around the world
  5. Duets and special guests

And there’s so much more to explore in the world of music! I like the open-ended aspect of the media. Yesterday I went to Storytime with my daughter and got so many great ideas – like making a book list and featuring a book an episode or something with beautifully illustrated songs like What a Wonderful World or Singing in the Rain!

Finally, I love to interact with the 0-6ish set. I love that, through a podcast on their adult’s phone, I can talk to my little friends and sing with them. Already some of my friends have sent videos and pictures of their little ones singing along with me or sharing their favorite songs. It makes me so happy.

Reason #4 why I podcast: it’s a pioneering medium that I can create anywhere and it directly connects me to my audience

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