How to exercise on the road – no equipment and (mostly) free workouts – Full Hook-ups

How to exercise on the road – no equipment and (mostly) free workouts – Full Hook-ups

// This is an excerpt from a post originally published on RV Miles on Mar 4, 2019. You can read the full article here! // This workout series has 4 parts: ideas for full hook ups, partial hook ups, boondocking, and my weekly routine regardless of where in the world we are! //

The past 18 months have found us in a location almost every week—and regardless of where we are, I make it a priority to exercise 5-6 days a week. In national and state parks it’s easy to find some amazing hikes, but most days we don’t have a few hours to explore.

For daily workouts on days we’re in the RV, I’ve come up with a slew of workout sources for every sort of living situation—from full hookups (ie electricity to charge devices and ample internet access) to boondocking with no service available. I go for workouts that have no equipment needed—just a pair of running shoes, a yoga mat, and occasionally a sports watch.

Please note that I’m not a fitness expert—just a lady who wants to be able to run with her kids, hike to the top of a relatively short volcano, and swim in any body of water we happen to be near (and maybe have some fantastically toned arms if we’re being honest). Make sure to consult with your personal doctor before embarking on any fitness plans!

Full hookups – electricity and internet

When the electricity and internet are full and plentiful, I like to use YouTube and a few favorite apps for workout inspiration. 

Lucy’s Squad

Lucy Wyndham-Read’s YouTube channel is full of quick high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts—like as short as 3 or 4 minutes. I’ll do a workout mid-morning and then one before lunch, then take a walk with the kids (or a run by myself!) and feel like I’ve done my body good. She also has walking interval workouts that you can do around your campground or in the RV if the weather is poor. I started with her January challenge (10 min or less workout 6 days a week).

Her Instagram feed (@lucywyndhamread) has daily inspiration and even quick workouts. Sometimes if I’m scrolling through Instagram and hit one of her workout posts I’ll stop and do it then – because surely I can spend 4 minutes moving my body instead of just my thumb! 


My two favorite yoga sources: Down Dog app (free!) and Sarah Beth Yoga on YouTube. Both have 10-60 minute workout options and get straight to business (I’m not a fan of workout folks who spend a lot of time talking about what we’re about to do. Let’s just do it!). 

Yoga while the kids explore the playground in Oregon


My friend in San Fran turned me on to Nike’s free run club app. You can select a goal (like running a 5k in a few weeks) or work on your speed or endurance. Different athletes talk you through the running workout.

Up next… workout options with partial hook ups! Or, you can always read the full, original article at RV Miles where I’m a contributing writer Road Warrior!

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