Getting started? Read our travel journal from our first 9 months on the road

Getting started? Read our travel journal from our first 9 months on the road

Wondering how a family of five prepares for and transitions from living in a 3 bed / 2 bath house in the city to a ~400 sq ft house on wheels? Check out my travel blog from our first 9 months on the road!

  • Except for the intro (“Test Drive”), the posts are organized by chronologically by destination (D1 – D43) – from the bottom up!
  • If you are looking for specific recommendations for campgrounds or activities, contact me
Check out our first 9 months living on the road here!

Looking for more guidance or coaching?

My full time traveling friend, Ashley (whom I met on the road when our journeys crossed paths in Oregon!), has a course and webinar for planning the perfect 90 day family road trip where everyone thrives. Ashley has been RVing the States full time with her family since October of 2016.  As a marriage and family coach as well as an RVing family, she’s been asked many questions about taking an epic road trip and what it takes to make it happen…and actually enjoy it with your family. Check out her free webinar or jump straight into her online course if you’re ready to hit the road!

I want to see what it’s like. Gimme the scoop: “FREE webinar: “How To Create The Ultimate Family Road Trip…without going broke or crazy”: click here

I see my family on the road. I just need help with all the… things: 90 Day Family Road Trip Online Course: click here

Can’t wait for our paths to cross out there!

xo, Mandy

PS This post contains affiliate links. I love to share things that I love and I think might serve you well – thanks for checking them out and supporting my work!

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