How we do math. Part 2: Prep

How we do math. Part 2: Prep

This post is part of a How we do math Series. Read this post to learn about how and why I chose this curriculum for my family!


Our math curriculum is pretty low prep. (Now, take that with a grain of salt. I was a K and 1st grade teacher after college and I get a kick out of making things, so what I find relatively fun and easy might not be your cup of tea.)

For the first three months I would copy the sprints for fluency and application problems in the boys’ notebooks the night before. That gave me a chance to look over the lesson and make or pull out any supplies we would need. I hated doing it – especially the second grade lessons which had lots of basic addition and subtraction facts for fluency practice in what they call ‘sprints’ – and the boys would have trouble reading my often hurried scrawl. When we came home for Christmas and had access to a printer, I printed all the rest of the second grade sprints, problem sets, and templates as well as the same for the last module of the K curriculum. That made life amazing. I plan to print the 1st and 3rd grade stuff when we go home this summer.

I keep the current module supplies and templates in a plastic sheet protecter, one for each boy. We use dry erase markers and a blank paper in the sheet protecter for a white board and then I draw any templates needed. When it’s math time, I pull out the boys’ notebooks, math sheet protectors (with supplies already stuffed in them), and my laptop and start the lesson. I teach one boy at a time, alternating each day who goes first.

While the first child is completing his problem set, I copy down the application problem and/or problem set for the next day for the other child. For example, while my Kindergartner is completing his problem set, I copy down the application problem in my second grader’s notebook for the next day and review the lesson for any supplies I need to grab or make. Later, when my second grader is completing his problem set, I’ll look through the next day’s K lesson and copy the problem set or grab any supplies I need.

Next up, part 3 of How we do math: Supplies – Storing, Making, Buying.

This post was originally published 5/9/2018 on my Women of the Road blog!

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