Where do you work in an RV?

Where do you work in an RV?

My favorite place to work in the RV is at our dinette table – usually facing whichever direction has the prettiest view out the window. 

Since I only work a few hours a week, I usually take the laptop outside to catch the sun at a picnic table. But I’ve gotten pretty creative to make sure I’m within the range of our wifi jetpack.

Joe works full time and right now his favorite place is the captain’s seat, with his laptop balanced on the steering wheel. Generally, I think this spot gives a great view and physically blocks his view from the shenanigans the kids and I get into behind him. 

He’s also worked from the couch, though that tends to hurt his back. At one point he set up a standing desk with a stool on top of a counter top. Sometimes he sits at the table too, but usually not as the kids and I are in and out of the table for meals and projects.

When he has video meetings, he’ll sometimes go into the bedroom and shut the doors so that the kids aren’t walking back and forth in his shot. We usually know that if the doors are closed, it means Daddy’s in a meeting and we need to keep quiet (or stay outside!). 

To drown out sound, Joe picked up some bluetooth headphones that are waterproof (so he can use them for working out as well). 

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