Road Real Talk: Valentine’s Schmalentine’s

Road Real Talk: Valentine’s Schmalentine’s

Planning for holidays and surprises is a little tricky on the road. Ok, a lot tricky. Joe totally pulled it off last year when I unboxed some Muk Luks (my fav!). Last night he confessed that he hadn’t gotten my anything this year but if I tell him something I want from Target, he’d pick it up. Ha!

Last year it didn’t even cross my mind to get him a V-day present (we didn’t often celebrate it before kids – or maybe had a $10 and under gift rule – anyway, the Muk Luks are the only present I remember ever getting). We usually just cook a nice meal and help the kids make valentines.

This year, I ordered him some Vanderbilt tshirts and, because I know he only likes official gear, ordered it from not-Amazon. There’s a saga unfolding about the shipping but the summary is that it’s the 14th and the package was delayed again and it is supposed to be delivered next week to a campground we left last week. Oops. 

Last week the kids and I made valentines and mailed them home to friends and family. Word is that no one has gotten one yet, so maybe they’ll arrive sometime before the end of February?

This morning the kids got to open a present from my parents (my mom is an A+ super planner and had sent us Vday stuff awhile ago). They were so excited to eat chocolate before breakfast and discuss their plans to spend the $5 she sent that they didn’t notice the heart-shaped pink pancakes dusted with powdered sugar that I served on red heart-shaped paper plates. I thought about taking a picture and posting it on social media for the people who actually seem to appreciate this level of effort (ha. ha.) but refrained. We called the grandmothers to wish them both a HVD.

Last week I tried to sneak some chocolate boxes into our grocery cart but of course my eagle eyed 6 year old saw them and has asked about them all week and asked about them again after breakfast. I was feeling snarky about the lack of appreciation for my hearty heart heart pancakes so I hissed at him that I would not be giving him any more gifts until the end of the day, he can stop asking, thank you, and I will certainly not be giving him anything if he is unable to think of something to do or create for someone else. Because 6 year olds have no right to be immature and selfish; he’s practically an adult. (That’s sarcasm, friends.)

Finally, my back has been killing for the past three days. I slept on the dinette/bed last night, thinking that maybe it’s the fold-out couch that Joe and I share on which the only comfortable position for me is to side sleep on the furthest corner of the frame to avoid to dips and bars. My back feels a little better today but I’m also about to start my period, so it might be related to this awful not-labor-but-like-back-labor pain I have pre-period some months. 

I have a few surprises in store for the kids later today and we have a lovely dinner of family favs: porkchops, mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts tonight (and Thursday night happens to be date night! Movies downloaded for kids and wine procured for us!). But my mood is glum and there is almost zero percent chance of lovey love time for me and Joe in our separate nests tonight.

On a sidenote, it’s been raining hard all night and day – enough for water to pool on top of our slide out awning, soak through the ceiling, and drip on the dining room table. The kids are trapped inside so we’ve made a fort out of their bed so their play and fights are muffled by the blanket walls.

In times like these I like to think to list the things for which I’m grateful: healthy children, a roof (holey that it may be), ample food, the promise of rice krispy treats in my near future, an awesome partner in life, this amazing adventure, friends and family who love us, we’re making memories that I will always remember and cherish.

And while I’m eternally grateful for all those things and will keep my snarky snark to myself and snuggle with my sweetums… oy. 

Oh! We just got an alarm on our phones that there’s a flash flood warning! I thinking that run to Target is not going to happen. 

Chin up, laugh it off, the sun will come out tomorrow. Don’t worry, I’m a Pollyanna at heart (or I wouldn’t be sitting in this dinette, I’m quite sure). I thought an unfiltered ‘morning in the life’ post would be more insightful for those of you following our adventures than the curated photo feed. Happy Valentine’s Day!

xo, Mandy

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