Creature comforts: Appliance and electronic must-haves that #sparkjoy in an RV

Creature comforts: Appliance and electronic must-haves that #sparkjoy in an RV

Kitchen-aid mixer? No. Electric kettle? Yes. Much joy bringeth it to me.

Box fan? Maybe not. Space heater? Definitely yes.

We don’t always have electricity hook ups, but when we do, these are the appliances and electronics we use all. the. time.  If you’re thinking about living full time in an RV, definitely consider these must-haves:

Climate Control

  • Dehumidifier – This was the first big appliance we bought when we had money to spend. We noticed that the front dash would be covered in condensation in the morning and it, in turn, would make the curtains wet. Our bedding and clothes would have a slightly damp feeling when near the coast or in a humid place. The dehumidifier solves this problem (and we sorely miss it the weeks we’re boondocking near a beach! Soggy jeans = yuck.)
  • Space heater – Ours was in the closet of the RV when we bought it, but we didn’t think to use it at first. It was summer, so there was no need, but even when it turned cold, we cranked up the propane heater until a few weeks in when we realized that we were paying for electricity with our site – we might as use the electric heater and keep from burning the propane! We’ve been using the stew out of it (especially at night) so when it inevitably dies, we’re going big and replacing it with a Dyson heater/AC.
  • Box fan? – We brought one with us, thinking that it would be helpful to keep it cool in the RV, and we used it the first night when we unknowingly filled our grey tank and flooded the kitchen (long story, post is here). But, we mostly found the box fan to be big and bulky and in the way, so it’s been in the bays for the past year or so.

Food Prep

Our electric kettle doubles as our teapot for Poetry Teatime!
  • Kettle – This was one of the first items I grabbed from the house on a trip back through Nashville. We can boil water on the stove when needed, but it’s so so nice to just turn on the pretty kettle and let it do it’s job. I love these beautiful Bella kettles!
  • Blender – A new appliance for us! We had a stick blender but after several years of (mis)use, the blades were bent and smoothies were more like think sludge with greens for texture. We got ourselves a Ninja while home for the holidays and have used it every morning since.
  • Electric whisk – This was a present I got for myself this year. I use it to add coconut oil to my morning coffee and whip milk for hot chocolate for the kids. This is the one I got and I love it!
  • Slow cooker / Instapot – RVers swear by the Instapot, but I haven’t quite adopted it into my routine. Do you use one? We have a slow cooker but honestly I don’t feel great about leaving it to cook while we’re out for the day. Totally unfounded fear, but I have images of coming back to the RV and seeing it on fire from an electric short or spark or catastrophe!


  • Speaker – We use this little bluetooth speaker for listening to music streaming from our phones, syncing it with the tablet for family movie Monday, and listening to audio books and podcasts over the rumble of the RV engine when driving.
  • Tablet – I wrote about how we use electronics for roadschool in this post, but we also use the tablet for family movie Monday and for date night! We bring the tablet to the library with us on Wednesday to charge it for date night when we’re boondocking.
  • eReader – Joe and I use our library accounts to check out books on our kindles and recently the boys have started reading titles they want! 


  • Electric toothbrushes – We have two electric toothbrush bodies and everyone has their own toothbrush head. On weeks when we’re boondocking, we make it until about Thursday before the toothbrushed die (they are several years old!). Then we just use them like old fashioned toothbrushes or the kids pull out their character toothbrushes from the dentist.
  • Stick vacuum – I use this sucker daily. It’s great to live in a tiny house because it only takes 10 minutes to clean and vacuum! I keep the vacuum charged and bemoan the weeks we can’t recharge it (especially when we’re in the dusty desert or sandy beach!).
  • Hair dryer/straightener/wand – Brought all these beauty tools with me and have used them all somewhat regularly (when I take the time to shower!). My hair has been on going battle the past six months – you can read about it here and please let me know if you have any brilliant ideas to help me keep the build up down. ACV treatment that works? Let me know!!

If you’re a road warrior too, what magic tools did you find essential enough to keep in the RV?

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