Long Ride Entertainment – Our Top 12 + Bonus!

Long Ride Entertainment – Our Top 12 + Bonus!

Reader Question: Help! We’ve got a long trip ahead of us and I need some things to entertain the kids. What are your kids’ favorites?

We’ve clocked a lot of hours in the car this year, and sometimes finding entertainment that engages all three kids can be tricky (especially when you are D.O.N.E. picking up legos and crumbs – check out my post on keeping the car clean!).

We’ve also been on one too many trips when we finish an audio book and the next one isn’t downloaded or isn’t available from the library. I feel like I end up scrolling and scrolling through options or wishing I had done a little more downloading ahead of time.

Here’s our Top 12 (+1!) recs so you don’t have to waste your time scrolling! I’ve included Amazon links and a shopping list for most of these, but most of titles you can get from the library:


1. Land of Stories series – here’s the audio to book 1! Spoiler alert – Book 1 has some tougher concepts – the children’s father has died and it’s very sad. The brother doesn’t like school, but a huge part of the story arc is his change of heart. The later books have some crush and kissing as the twins age.

2. Junie B. Jones series – here’s books 1-8


3. Wow in the World (or my new podcast! Sing Along with Mandy Podcast!)

Favorite CDs

4. Silly Songs with Larry I love the remix on the last track. The beat me every time!

5. Can You Hear It? (Pairs with a book created by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Includes clips from famous classical pieces and challenges kids to do an I Spy with a famous work of art that illustrates or mimics a feature of the musical selection).

6. Bear Tunes My mom picked this up for the kids somewhere and they love it. Especially the last track where the man relates bear facts for 17 minutes!

Episodes (free on Amazon Video for Prime members)

7. Ninjago

8. Daniel Tiger

9. Christmas Cartoons (’tis the season!)

10. Wallace & Gromit

iPad games

11. Math evolve

12. Handwriting Wizard

BONUS: Baker’s Dozen

13. Mystery at Death Valley by Carole Marsh – A friend gave us a hardcopy of this book over the holidays knowing that we would be heading to Death Valley. The kids loved the story and the chapters were short enough that I could read them aloud without getting carsick and they kept my three year old’s attention. Ironically, we couldn’t go to the central part of the book because of flooding damage – Scotty’s castle is closed! – but the book covered many aspects of the part and is told from the POV of a young girl, so it was totally relatable! The author has tons of books about all kinds of famous destinations. I won’t say that it’s high quality literature, but it’s engaging and totally relevant to kids traveling!

We’re always on the road so I’m always on the prowl for great options – what are your kids’ favorites right now?

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