3 places to stay in Oregon and when you should go

3 places to stay in Oregon and when you should go

We visited Oregon in September. It was the beginning of crab season on the coast and the perfect weather for exploring this amazing state!


We loved South Beach State Park near Newport. This park was bustling with people out enjoying walks around the park and down the 1/3-1/2 mile walks to the beach. 

Sunrise on South Beach, OR

Crater Lake National Park

Collier Memorial Park near Crater Lake National Park (a must see in my opinion!) was awesome. A beautiful forest setting, this campground offered a short walk to an outdoor logging museum and water access if you have a canoe or kayak!

Wizard Island at Crater Lake National Park

Central Point

We ended up in the shop for half a week near Central Point/Medford at Southern Oregon RV Park. It wasn’t a planned stop – (not sure I’d go if it hadn’t been for the Freightliner there, but Central Point was super cute and the local coffee shop, Central Point Perk, was outstanding! If you go, tell Gustavo we sent you. We basically camped out there for two days and he was so gracious. ((If you get caught in a random place for a shop visit, check out my 6 ways to make the most of an unplanned stop and 5 things to prepare for your family before your rig heads into the shop!))

Gustavo and his wife opened this coffee shop to build community – my kind of people!

We also got to stay for a weekend outside of Bend – and whenever we head back to OR we will definitely check out that area more. The volcanic activity (lava tubes!) and landscapes were amazing!

What about you? Where would you recommend others stay in Oregon?



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