Road Real Talk: Hair Woes

Road Real Talk: Hair Woes

Updated to add Amanda’s contact info: Atelier Upton Organic Concept Salon. Tell her I sent you and I think you’ll get a discount on your first appointment (and I get a referral discount on my next treatment – you know I’ll need it!).

Somewhere between Utah and Montana, I forgot how to wash my own hair last summer. 

Weird, I know.

I noticed in August that my hair was suuuper oily even after I washed it. Like, it felt wet after I blow dried it. 

When I thought back, I definitely used a lot of dry shampoo most of the summer. Especially those 19 days in a row I didn’t shower and I relied on baby wipe baths and creek and river dips. I immediately texted my hair gal in Nashville with an SOS – did she know what in the world could be going on and did she have any peers in Seattle she’d recommend?

She had a guess – build up from the dry shampoo. Because I was using it to strip my hair of its natural oils, my scalp started producing more oil… so now my balance was out of whack! I got a Malibu C treatment and clean shampoo and conditioner from an organic salon in Seattle. Success! My hair felt light and silky and amazing for the first I’m excited in months. 

But then in about four months, the oily build up came back. I can totally see now why lots of full time RV women keep their hair short. My problem is that I love a short cut but I don’t have the energy to find a salon to maintain it every 4-6 weeks. I’m more like a 4-6 month haircut type of gal.

Luckily, this time when I noticed the build up beginning again, I was in Nashville for the holidays, so I scheduled another Malibu C treatment and wore my hair up every day until the appointment. 

This time, we talked through my problem. It seemed like the oily build up was only in the very top back of my head – which made the stylist think that it wasn’t over production (because then the oil would be everywhere – crown, around ears, nape of neck, etc). Instead, she suggested that maybe I wasn’t cleansing and rinsing my hair well enough. 

In other words, after 30 some years of washing my hair, somehow I forgot how to do it right while we lived in an RV.

The next time I showered I noted my habit – I put shampoo in the top of my head and then immediately swept all my hair back, basically only really washing well the front and top section of hair. The oily part was buried underneath the other hair, never quite getting washed and rinsed. I’m guessing I started washing this way to conserve time and water… we rarely have full hook ups, so I generally only bathe in the bathhouses at campgrounds. Some are great pressure, great temperature, clean, spacious, and free (as part of the camping fee). Most are not all of those things.

Sometimes it costs $.25 per 2 minutes. In Bryce it was $3 for a token for 8 minutes. Many times there are other people waiting or coming in and out. Most times I’m also bathing at least one other wiggly body and then spending the last 30 seconds feverishly cleansing myself before turning off the water.

I thought about all this today as I countdown by showers til our reunification with the RV. For 8 or so weeks we’ve been guests in our friends’ and families’ homes and houseguests at our own place… with ample water, good pressure, and most of the time other adults available to assist little people while I bathe. 

That’s all coming to an end. Maybe I’ll make a goal to not only workout but also BATHE before the kids are up (oy!). In any case, I’ve got to reteach myself to adequately wash my hair in whatever water situation we find ourselves on the road.

Fresh hair… how long can I keep it up once we’re on the road?

Has anybody else realized the developed bad habits on the road? I’d love to hear!

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