We need internet service access while traveling – how we get it

We need internet service access while traveling – how we get it

With a full-time software developer and roadschoolers on board our RV, daily internet access makes our #RVlife possible. (You can check out all our favorite online spaces that enhance our roadschool at this post!)

What internet service do we use? 

  • Verizon data plan. For us, two smart phones (unlimited) and a mobile hotspot line (15GB/mo) costs $200/mo with taxes and fees. One cool thing about this plan is that we can turn on and off the hotspot line and get prorated for the month. This month that came in handy because we had wifi access. We signed up for a shared data plan in November 2017, so make sure you check for the latest deals
  • Verizon MiFi Jetpack. This is the device we use for our hotspot. It was an additional one-time cost for around $200. We generally reserve this line for my husband’s work, but occasionally I’ll dip into this if we need something for homeschool. Otherwise, I try to use my phone for most connection needs (and download/upload files on my laptop when we have access to wifi!).

How do we find internet on the road?

Joe has found that Campendium has the most accurate camper-generated reviews. Every campground listed rates the connectivity of Verizon and AT&T (and sometimes others).

image via screenshot of Campendium.com

NOTE – The Campendium reviews can be out of date. We booked a site at Green River Campground in Dinosaur National Monument because the reviews said Verizon was great. Joe checked a few days before we went and someone had just posted that there was no service there. Sure enough, we rolled up and…no service. At Glacier National Park, Campendium reviews said we’d have decent service but we had maybe one bar depending on where we were in the large canpground. It wasn’t enough for Joe to work, so we had to get creative!

Which leads me to…

Don’t get one of these

We would not recommend buying a cell booster. We haven’t seen a dramatic increase in the speed or quality of connection with it. We still put it up every time we stop, but we probably wouldn’t buy it again.

For details for the super creative weeks we’ve had when cell signal just wasn’t good enough for Joe to work… stay tuned!

Now, take off! 

xo, Mandy

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