Using technology to enhance your roadschool

Using technology to enhance your roadschool

Frankly, I couldn’t roadschool without the internet and screens. I use them constantly to look up resources, get support from various online communities, or connect with friends and family (and get more aforementioned support!).

We also use screens to enhance our daily learning routines. For point-of-reference, my kids were 3-8 years old when this post was published. 

Here are my favorite parent-as-teacher/no internet needed activities: 

  • Writing – original voice. The boys dictate as I type their stories as they are both in the Jot It Down stage of development (learn more about the Bravewriter natural stages of a writer here!). They have an instagram feed (@fulltimekidscreate) where they dictate captions for their creations and in November we participated in NaNoWriMo and they wrote a book together!
  • Writing – mechanics practice. When we’re working on spelling, I turn off the wifi connection so the boys can practice spelling without spellcheck!)
  • Pre-downloaded movies, shows, podcasts, audio books. I download a few and then delete them as we watch so we can reload with new material at our next stop! our weekly public library stop is awesome for this.
  • Handwriting, Math, and Game Apps. My favorite handwriting app is Handwriting Wizard – the free version has kept all three of my kids engaged for now and it doesn’t require internet!). 
  • Curriculum storage and access.  PDFs rather than heavy/bulky books I’ll do a future post about the curriculum I’ve accessed online!
The boys pecking out a chapter of their 2018 NaNoWriMo book:
Super Heroes and Super Villains

When we have access to consistent internet, I love to use YouTube for Others-as-Teacher opportunities. Here are my favorites:

  • Karaoke. This is awesome reading and brainwork practice! For the Christmas season, the first 15 minutes of this playlist is great… then it starts going into songs I’ve never heard)!
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga. Here’s the Star Wars edition!
  • Kids Art Hub. My 6yo loved this Christmas tree this year
  • Khan Academy. We ended up going down a rabbit hole of building molecules with holiday candy and exploring the periodic table! This episode was very well done and I’ve heard great things about their math courses. We don’t have access to unlimited internet while we’re on the road unless it’s through my phone, so I haven’t depended on this resource as a daily routine.
  • Research. We consult Sir Google all the time. We watch episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy and then find related easy experiments to watch or try ourselves.  Actually, on Freaky Friday, we often spend a lot of the morning chasing rabbits down different holes that are totally child-led. Kid asks a question and we start searching together. It’s pretty fun!
  • Language development. We use FaceTime for conversations with family members and friends and we use email and text for authentic writing practice.

As I write all this down, I’m remembering the many places we’ve stayed when we didn’t have electricity hook ups – and what I learned and how I now plan for those weeks. I’ll write a future post about how we keep our devices charged (and which ones DON’T get charged on a regular basis!).

‘Til then, let me know how you handle electronics and your home- or roadschool!

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