Our grocery budget DOUBLED on the road – I’m on a mission to reign it in

Our grocery budget DOUBLED on the road – I’m on a mission to reign it in

I’m totally a numbers nerd and geek out over analyzing our spending habits and goals. If you’ve followed my online writing, you know my first blog revolved around personal finance – Stay at Home Money Manager

I was looking at our spending now that we’ve been on road for over a year and was APPALLED to see that our grocery spending has basically doubled since we hit the road in Aug 2017. 

Read about WHY I think that happened and HOW I plan to reign it in over the next few months over at my guest post on RVMiles.com


And, (I’m giddy as I write this), you can listen to the RVMiles podcast where Jason interviewed me about our trip and the blog post! We met Abby and Jason and their three boys during one glorious week in Zion National Park last spring. They produce a weekly podcast about all things RV and this episode covers the upcoming trends they are seeing in the RV world.

You can listen via your podcast app or online here: http://rvmiles.com/episode-73-the-rv-industry-in-2019-and-food-budgets-for-full-time-rv-travel/

((If you aren’t an RV enthusiast, you can skip to 40:45 when my interview starts!))

Check it out and let me know what you do to keep your grocery bill manageable – on or off the road!



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