Where would you go back to? Utah.

Where would you go back to? Utah.

Here’s where in UT we’re heading this year 

There are two places that we’ve already put on our calendar to return to on this roadtrip and they are both in Utah. Can you guess where?

We’re heading back to Zion. I mean, it’s just awesome. We’ve got our reminders set for the six month in advance reservation opening online and we are going to try to to get our exact same campground. (We’ve been working on meeting friends out there too, but that hasn’t panned out yet – so if you’re heading that way, drop me a line and let’s meet up!!). You can get the skinny on staying and playing there here

We’re also heading back to Bear Lake. The state line cuts the lake in half and so technically we’ll probably be spending a lot of our time in Idaho, but I don’t care. Bear Lake is one of my favorite stops so far – the color, the view out our window, the trip to a hidden lake with a rope swing, meeting awesome people and singing to a ukelele by firelight… I loved it all. 

For new places between Zion and Bear Lake, we’re going to visit some friends we met on the road in Park City (and check out Salt Lake City). My dad wants to meet us near the Bonneville Salt Flats. He’s a total motorhead, so getting out there has always been a dream of his. I think we’re also going to spend a week in or near the Great Basin.

Where would you go in Utah?

What recs do you have for places we shouldn’t miss this time as we make our way through Utah? We’ll be there in the spring. Leave me a comment below and let me know your favorite places to stay and things to do!

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