Collab: 11 ways to maximize excitement (and learning) while traveling with kids

Collab: 11 ways to maximize excitement (and learning) while traveling with kids

Guys, seriously. Promise me that you will not go on another family vacation until you read my collaborative post over at Hickeys Everywhere.

It’s going to change the way you think about gearing up for your next trip – and fill your parenting toolbox with a bunch of great resources and habits you can start now – before you even think about pulling out the suitcases.

Eeks, I’m so excited to share this post! My v funny v adventurous friend, Kate, moved to Spain this summer and has an AMAZING blog detailing their experience getting ready for and finally moving abroad, as well as tips, checklists, and itineraries for awesome family trips.

Knowing that I’m up to my armpits in this homeschool / roadschool gig while we tour the county, Kate reached out to collaborate on a list of simple, low stress ways parents can help their KIDS get the most out of their travels. Some are so so simple – all you need are the right placemats! Or highlighters! Or your phone! 

Head over there and check it out. And let us know if you try any of our tricks… and what little numbers you have up your sleeves as well!

Now take off!

xo, Mandy

PS We did #11 over sundaes at Ghirardelli in San Fran last week and might be doing another #3 as we leave CA and head east for the holidays (gotta clean out the flour from the pantry so might as well….). You can look for it at @fulltimekidscreate on Insta (#7). Let me know which ones from the list you’ve done or think might work for you!

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