Help! Our rig has to go to the shop – where do we stay?

Help! Our rig has to go to the shop – where do we stay?

This used to keep me up at night too. What happens if we have an engine problem and the whole rig needs to be in the shop? Where will we stay? A hotel night or two is not really in the budget!

To be honest, this was one of the things we debated when trying to decide between a motorhome or a truck pulling a trailer. My thought was that if something goes wrong with the engine, if we’re in a trailer we can at least stay in our home while the engine is fixed. I thought it would be too expensive and inconvenient if the motorhome had motor issues.

Well, friends, I’m here to tell you that it’s happened to us (one too many times recently) and it’s not that bad. inconvenient for sure, but totally part of the adventure. It’s all about mindset, right?

First, see if they will come to you

Lots of shops offer mobile services. We’ve had people come out to us at State Parks and in National Forests. There is often an additional service fee, but sometimes the convenience of having access to your house (and food!) all day is worth the expense.

But if they can’t come to you…

Ask the shop if you can spend the night in their lot.

We had to get towed to a shop on Labor Day and the owner said he wasn’t coming in, but we were welcome to spend the night and hook up our electric.

We got our windshield replaced and our appointment wasn’t until Tuesday, but our campground reservation ended on Sunday so we spent Sunday and Monday night in the parking lot of the windshield place.

We had to replace our turbo and it took not one but three days to diagnosis the problem and get the right part. The first night we were able to take the rig back to camp, but the second night they had stripped a bolt and couldn’t fix it til the morning – so the engine was out of the motorhome. We told them that we simply didn’t have somewhere to stay – hotel nights are not in our budget, especially with all the repairs we’ve had in the past few months! – so they said we could spend the night in the rig where it was. It worked out fine. The shop closed with a screeching, banging garage door closing at 11:30p, but the kids slept through it. Next morning we were first in line when the doors opened!

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