Welcome, friend!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the resources available for your child’s distance learning?

Do you need more structure with less open-for-interpretation-planning?  

Are you and your partner struggling to balance the new roles you’ve had to assume with your kids at home?

Are you unable to devote more time or energy to thoughtful distance-learning planning because you have to work?

I can help.

I am Mandy. I’m a wife to Joe and a mother to 3 public school kids under the age of 10. I have a background in both homeschooling and in-classroom teaching. 

We began homeschooling when my family decided to live and work remotely while traveling the US in an RV for two years. I taught my boys, alongside a toddler, and also worked part time as a grant writer. Prior to starting a family, I was an educator, teaching Kindergarten and 1st grade in Mississippi. I currently lead a pre-K Parents’ Day Out class for 3-5 year olds and produce a sing-along podcast for preschoolers and moms to enjoy.

My Vision:

My hope for this project is to share my knowledge and experience to better help other parents maximize their children’s potential while keeping their sanity during this unprecedented time.

Together, we’re going to make it through this mess and our families will be stronger for it.

What I Provide:

Using tiered pricing, I provide multiple services that range from general information to customized, child-specific lesson plans and check-ins. But most importantly, I provide P2P (Parent-to-Parent, me to you) support.

Click around this site (short cut to: Adventure Ideas, Time & Money Tips, RV Life,  You and The Fam, or Roadschool) and see what I’ve already published about parenting and living full-time on the road for two years – or contact me via the form below. We’re all friends here, and no question is dumb.

Now, take off!

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