Welcome, friend!

Hi, there. I’m Mandy. Maybe we’re not IRL friends, but if you’re here, we might be kindred spirits.

What do I mean by take off?

I’m enamored with the idea of people grabbing an idea and running with it. For you, that might look like….

  • You want to see more of the world than your own neighborhood
  • You want to take a break from what has become your ‘normal’
  • You’re ready to pivot – get a job, quit a job, have a kid, hit the road
  • You don’t want to be tied down to a _______ (desk or a time clock or a school schedule)
  • You know you at at your best when you have time and space to appreciate the world around you and when you have the opportunity to explore somewhere new
  • You are reeling from a huge life event and wondering what your next steps might be

When I look at that list, I think, “me”. I’ve been there or I’m muddling through it right now. I’m especially interested in the pivot from working part time and staying home with my babies and coming back to workforce full time as my youngest gets ready to head to Kindergarten. What about you?

Through this site, I aim to share the tools, techniques, hacks, and skills I’ve learned that you need to untie yourself. Or at least loosen those bonds for a bit so you can breathe and get your bearings and maybe get a little less damn busy.

I’m currently producing a Sing Along podcast for littles – inspired by many a roadtrip when we didn’t have access to CDs or internet and I got to pull out the cannon of children’s music that’s rooted in my brain from growing up singing and performing. You can listen to the show and learn more about it here.

If you want to read about our first six months on the road, check out my travel blog: Outside the Slides or see what we’re up to on Instagram @mandy_adventure_wallace!

Click around the site (short cut to: Adventure Ideas, Time & Money Tips, RV Life,  You and The Fam, or Roadschool) and see what I’ve already published about parenting and living full-time on the road for two years – or contact me via the form below. We’re all friends here, and no question is dumb.

Now, take off!

Let me know what you’re up to or wondering through this form. Can’t wait to hear from you and let you know my latest! xo, Mandy

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